Contractual audit or legal audit, our auditors carry out audits in all types of structures

That the size or nature of your company legally justifies the appointment of a Statutory Auditor or that you wish to respond to requests for certified financial information from your economic partners,

Exco provides you with the guarantee of a reliable financial informationtransparent and certified within specific deadlines.

A different vision

Our teams do not just look at the numbers. They first analyse the risks related to the activity and likely to be a source of errors in the financial statements and have serious implications for company performancecurrent or future.

Our teams review the prioritized residual risks based on a rigorous analysis of processes and internal controls and in accordance with their professional opinion.

Our auditors allow you to step back in a secure environment to measure the consequences of the orientations you are giving to the company.

A proximity

We can intervene either through our 140 firms in France and abroad, either through our transversal structure of Statutory Auditors, Exco & Associés.

This geographical proximity allows our auditors to ensure continuity of services all over France and in the world.

But our proximity is above all relational. The value of the Exco Network is "long-term trust with our customers".

Our auditors know how to adapt perfectly to your company's contacts in order to create a positive exchange environment.

Proven know-how

The teams at your service share methods, tools and training based on international audit standards.

Research and development is specifically oriented to your needs so that Exco is the best partner for your company.

Transparency and transparency

To ensure a high quality of result in the missions entrusted to us by companies, we are committed to:

  • To appoint a team dedicated to the mission entrusted to it

  • To provide a single point of contact, permanently and permanently accessible within the firm

  • That the teams involved in the missions have access to internal monitoring and expertise cells. All this in an Exco environment whose objective is to secure processes and implement best practices.

  • That the missions give rise to a personalized presentation allowing an enriched restitution for a better understanding of the work


  • Statutory Auditors
  • Merger Commissioner's Office
  • Acquisition audit, Due diligence
  • Processing operations
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Fraud audit
  • Tax and social audit
  • Internal control audit
  • Audit of information systems....


  • Have an opinion of recognized quality,
    for third parties
  • Benefit from objective and clear opinions in order to improve
    the procedures involved in the production of information
    accounting and financial
  • Have a pragmatic analysis of the financial situation
    allowing you to make informed decisions
  • Identify the risks inherent to the company
    to better control them
  • Benefit from listening and know-how
    experienced professionals

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