mass retailing

Large-scale distribution

For more than 20 years, Exco Valliancehas been supporting supermarket companies in their management, development and expansion of points of sale in France and abroad (Poland and Portugal).

  • Accounting supervision, management tools for the security, management and analysis of your activity.
  • Preparation of periodic or annual financial statements and tax returns.
  • Production of salary slips, social declarations, social compliance audits, completion of hiring or termination formalities.
  • Tax optimization.
  • Forecast studies.
  • Fundraising to finance your operations and expansion projects.
  • Training of your employees in accounting, tax, social management and payroll.

Our approach

  • Dedicated and committed teams: mastering the specificities of mass retailing in the accounting, tax, social and commercial fields.
  • Experienced computer scientists Digital and IT engineering: putting digital and IT engineering at the service of teams and your business.
  • Local locations: at regional and international level (Portugal and Poland).

Our competences

  • Monitor the key issues of your business.
  • Reduce the risk of tax or social security adjustments.
  • Fight against fraud and embezzlement.
  • Reduce your administrative burden.
  • Foster the development of your teams and your company.

Values and values

Exco Vallianceimplements a specific organization to ensure a high quality of results in the missions we conduct for you.

Research and development is specifically oriented to your needs so that Exco Vallianceis the best partner for your company.

This requirement is also available in the following areas human values supported by each member of our teams: respect, solidarity, skills, excellence, humility and probity to build a lasting partnership at the service of your company.

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