Our promise? SaaS platform + Advisor + Eco-system

Exco Digital offers you the freedom to customize your support according to your style and budget: 100% connected, 100% human. Thanks to its innovative and intuitive online interface, your user experience is made easier, designed, fast... In short, reinvented.

A personalized platform to simplify your daily life

A local advisor appointed to assist you at all stages of your company's life

An open eco-system... to accelerate your growth and enrich the territory

A personalized platform to simplify your daily life

  • "All in one". The visualization of all your management information in real time (key indicators, digital cabinet, personalized information monitoring)
  • Proximity 2.0. A collaboration space with my dedicated advisor who informs me of the latest operations carried out.
  • Responsiveness. Notifications and alerts on my calendar to notify me of important dates on my calendar
  • Benchmark. Customizable monitoring according to your activity and interests
  • Network of experts "on demand

A local advisor appointed to assist you at all stages of your company's life


Your advisor is at your disposal, at home, at the office, physically, by email or by telephone; he or she will assist you in your procedures, in your construction and your development


Your advisor has been trained and has the experience to answer your questions directly

Extended skills

Your advisor knows how to rely on the existing skills within a group of more than 2500 people present in 18 countries, to provide you with a global response


Your advisor solicits you whenever an opportunity for improvement or a risk area arises for better control of your growth

An open eco-system to accelerate your growth and enrich the territory

  • InvolvementExco employees are part of the life of the city; they are involved in the associative world of your region, in the social and economic events of your city and in the influence of your territory. That's why they share the same ambition for success as you do.
  • Immersion Exco employees are immersed in the creative and collaborative spaces dedicated to the development of the local economic fabric. This immersion allows them to be as close as possible to the needs of entrepreneurs, to understand their daily lives and to better support them.
  • Sharing the network : Because Exco leaders are also entrepreneurs within your own economic environment, they naturally open their network to facilitate your development. The cross-fertilization of the worlds is at the heart of the ambitions of the Exco offices; It is on the territories that the wealth of the projects develops.
Get in touch with us! We will listen to you and explain naturally the benefits of our future collaboration

Exco France Head office

Exco is a community of trades related to the creation, development and transformation of companies.

The 2,500 Exco professionals undertake, by France and around the worldin the dynamics of the territories by supporting all entrepreneurial initiatives.

Find your practice anywhere in France and in the world

2,500 professionals, 18 countries, 140 firms, 225 chartered accountants

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